Our exclusive members area will provide you with access to all our training programs, personal development blueprint and wellness protocols. OBFUpgrade will help you become the best version of yourself. It is an evolving project with programs and content being added on a weekly basis.

Once inside the members area you can easily navigate your way around the site to find the 4 sections. Movement-Wellness-Coaches Corners-Beyond the physical. The monthly subscription allows access to unlimited course and potential. The movement section houses programming based on your goals and level of development. All our courses that are  labelled Green ae our entry level courses. You will find programs specifically written for the use of  kettlebells, rings, handstands, mobility, juggling and more.

Additionally, there are strength and performance programs written with specific goals in mind. In and Out of season GAA programming, distance running performance and speed development and much more. The wellness section is comprised of all the information needed support longevity and health from nutrition to breathing techniques.

OBFBeyondthephysical is more than a self-development program. It your own personal blueprint.


You evolve, situations around you evolve however if you are intentionally rooted by a defined values system your actions become aligned and your reactions deepest reflection of your deepest values. The areas that the skin-deep fitness industry neglect and ignore. Weekly zoom presentations / webinars allow all members to dial in live and ask questions in real time.

The coach’s corner is our coaching support and mentorship platform. Coaches need coaches. This area will provide you with the information, rational and working templates so you can apply and evidenced based methods to your practice.

Performance Consultancy

Adrian offers performance consultancy to sports teams and organisations alike. Every course on OBFUpgrade can be delivered over a period within your organisation in the workplace or on the field. Adrian has delivered workshops both in Ireland and in the UK for organisations as diverse as Government bodies, to the fire services to CPD for gym chain franchises.

Performance Testing

Adrian offers performance testing, analysis and programming for teams or individuals alike. This full athletic profile will help you or your team unlock your areas of future improvement and fill the gaps towards the key performance indicators for your sport. Movement screens, jump profiles, speed profiles and an individualized plan to unlock new levels of performance.