The OBFUpgrade Vision

My vision and mission are interictally connected. I believe everyone has something positive to share with society and humanity. History has taught us that social, economic or physical boundaries will never constrain the power of human imagination and desire when we are aligned with passion and purpose. Imagine the collective power of a humanity aligned for more.

My vision of a future is shaped by self-development not self-limitation, where the role models of our youth will be held at such a high regard based on their genuine contribution to humanity not appearance and superficiality. Sadly, in many ways our society and humanity has lost touch. Power, greed and ignorance have become the dominant paradigm in a time where self-harm it at an all-time high. The modern-day war is a fight for our attention through advertising, influencer positioning and downright distraction thus spawning a culture of over consumption and unfulfillment. A society that is so desperate to depart their lives it finds reality television a vessel of escape.  I am not judging, I was there, I watched from the side-lines as those with purpose followed their dreams. I became a physical manifestation of my thoughts and actions as I chased material objects in a quest for self-fulfilment and satisfaction. Frustrated watching from the side-lines of life I began to look inward, towards my soul, searching for a path that would serve to provide a life well lived. That journey has brough me to this point.

What is the alternative ?

Just look around you.


Cocaine and recreational drug use are now the common escape for many 3rd level students, our future leaders, educators and innovators? Gambling addiction affects young people at 2-3 times the rate of adults. Over €5bn each year is gambled in Ireland – that’s €10,000 every minute. Nearly 6,000 people die in Ireland each year from the effects of smoking and thousands of others suffer from smoking-related diseases. Yet our youth still INVEST and regrettably Ireland is the 4th highest suicide rate in Europe for males aged 15–24 years old.

Do I need to go on??

The lack of self-worth, self-interest and fulfilment is fuelling and profited on by much of what we surround ourselves with. The images and actions of media, advertising, big corporations and more.

You are the most important person you will ever meet.

Let’s help ourselves realize that.

Invite our children on our journey.  Is this not the biggest gift we can pass to them?

The physical and mental go hand in hand. OBFUpgrade offers that opportunity.

That’s my mission. To look forward and be happy. To see earth and existence that I’m excited for my children to occupy. It’s a big vision but as I previously stated, what’s the alternative?

OBFUpgrade is my vessel.

It’s our vessel.

It goes beyond the physical into the regions of connection, expansion, and fuller expression.